Her Happy Ending

Her muscles were so tight that the pain was becoming unbearable. He knew this and decided to give her, and her achy muscles the relief that was so desperately needed with his own twist. He instructed her to lay face down on the bed. He then strapped her down with her legs and arms spread across the mattress. He started at her back, rubbing out all the pain as he worked his way down. He took his time, using massage oil and his strong hands until he had worked his way down both of her tender legs. Her ass was his next target, knowing that massaging it would start to send her into a mood that suited his needs. When he started to feel her loosening up, he started to softly smack her voluptuous ass.

It didn’t take long for her to start reacting in the way he had hoped. The redder her ass got, the harder he hit, and the louder she moaned. The straps that held her to the bed were keeping her in place, but she still squirmed with pleasure. The opening to her cunt started to glisten, proof that his plan was working. She was ready for him, but she wasn’t going to get that just yet.

As he slid his finger into her juicy cunt and pressed his thumb on her tight asshole she pushed into the feeling. He slid a second finger in as he reached for the glass dildo he had set out. It had never failed to make her not only orgasm, but squirt with each one. The effect was something he wanted to see a few times before he had her for himself. The glass dildo had bulbs going down the shaft, and as each one went inside she moaned and got a little closer to orgasm. After getting the instrument of pleasure inserted, he started to glide it in and out. She could feel her climax building, beads of sweat creating a sheen on her porcelain skin. Her breathing becoming quick and raspy. Finally, with a scream her climax hit its peak and with it came a rush of fluid coming from her wet pussy.

He couldn’t wait any longer, his cock was painfully hard. She felt him climb over her, and she felt the comfort of his weight as he slide his cock into its sheath. He began to take her, showing her that he owned her body and soul. She loved the way it felt. His hands running along her body, stopping to cup her breasts and squeeze her hardened nipples between his fingers as they were crushed against the mattress, causing her to moan deep in her chest. Hearing it made him pump faster. He wasn’t going to last long, he had spent too much time pleasuring her. He didn’t mind, making her feel that way was just as much of a pleasure for him as it was for her. She could tell he was getting close, she tried to move in rhythm to help him reach the peak of his climax. She felt his muscles tense, and his warm semen squirting inside of her. There was so much that it was starting to leak out of her.

He untied her and massaged her wrists where the restraints had been. He scooped her into his arms and held her, telling her how happy she made him. Her body was still humming with pleasure, but it was making her sleepy. He laid her down, placing her head onto his chest as he wrapped his arm around her. He kissed her forehead while stroking her hair and cheek. He wasn’t surprised that it barely took a minute for her to fall into a peaceful and resting sleep.

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