Review of Hairbrush paddle from Little Red Spanking

I was lucky enough to win this hairbrush paddle from Every week on Twitter @MrWilliamsTLRW asks people to retweet his post to be entered in to win a paddle. I entered and I was lucky enough to win.

When the package arrived I was like a kid on Christmas . I ripped open the package and there was a beautiful piece of wood inside. The finish on it is very nice and super smooth but what really caught my attention was the weight of the paddle. When you pick it up you can feel the weight and just know in the darkest part of your imagination what damage it could do. I made sure Lindsey was warmed up before I was going to test the paddle this way maybe she could take more punishment before she taps out. I started out with a quick flick of the wrist and she instantly jumped from the floor to the bed in a heartbeat. I knew at that moment that I would really enjoy using this paddle. 

I kept going with the short quick hits alternating sides and being it’s such a solid paddle every hit even at molinor speeds had impact and kept making her ass red. I gave her a break after about 20 spanks and decided to use some hot wax and it was enjoyable to watch her squirm when the hot wax hit her bright red ass. I was able to get in about 20 more spanks after the break and was able to add slightly more power. the red marks became darker and more fun to look at. This paddle was amazing and so much fun. The craftsmanship of the paddle and just over all quality makes me think there will be plenty of future spankings and the paddle will be around for a long time. I would like to thank @MrWilliamsTLRW for such a wonderful new toy.

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