I came home from work like I do every other day nothing interesting or special. I walk in the house take off my shoes go get a beer out of the fridge. That’s when I notice how quiet it is in the house which is unusual but I continue with my daily routine. As I sit there drinking my beer I hear a noise coming down the hallway and the closer I get the louder it gets. I am supposed to be the only one in the house at this time so I was ready for anything.

I slowly open the door to the bedroom and I notice my wife sitting on the bed naked and as I enter the room there is another woman I don’t recognize standing there naked as well. Before I can ask what’s going on, she pulls a chair over in front of the bed . Not saying a word I sit in the chair. The woman introduced herself as Stacy, my wife’s friend from work . My wife invited her over to have some playtime with us. Stacy then asked my permission if she could give my submissive some orders. I said that she could, but I have the final say.

Stacy grabbed Lindsey’s hair and made her get up off the bed and told her to bend over. Stacy then walked to me and asked if she could spank her and gave me choices of what to use. I chose the hardwood paddle and told her she could spank her until Lindsey’s ass was nice and red. Every time the paddle hit Lindsey gave a whimper of pain and pleasure . After about 15 strikes I told her to stop and said Lindsey is ready for what’s next.

Stacy walked over and flipped Lindsey on her back and slowly slide 2 fingers inside of her. Lindsey let out a loud moan then Stacy forced her nipple in Lindsey’s mouth and told her to suck on it and play with her big tits. Lindsey’s body was bucking as the fingers slid in and out of her faster and faster. Stacy then stopped and pushed Lindsey back down on the bed as she was about to cum. Lindsey begged for more begged to cum and I said no. Stacy then laid down on the bed, and told Lindsey to eat her pussy. Lindsey happily obliged. I couldn’t take it anymore. Lindsey was bent over with her ass in the air, I grabbed her hips and thrust my long hard cock deep inside her. This made her body shutter and Stacy moaned at the same time. I held on tight only letting go to slap her ass as I keep fucking her deep and hard.

The harder I fucked Lindsey the quicker she would lick the meal in front of her. Stacy stated screaming that she was about to cum, and she had an earth shattering orgasm. Lindsey was already tired from the multiple orgasms cause by being used as a fuck toy by two people. I was getting close I could feel the cum building up at the top of my cock. I pulled myself out. Then I had Lindsey and Stacey kneel in front of me. They started kissing each other as I came all over their faces.

Masturbation Monday

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