Worth the Wait

The wait was killer. I had been wanting, no NEEDING, this release for almost 3 days. Before Nick even knew that I was feeling this way. Friday I had hopes for playtime, but it was not meant to be. Saturday morning I initiated play time, but Nick decided he wanted to have his own fun. He got a morning handjob, while I got the promise of teasing and my own release that night. However, once again life happened and I did not get my release. So by the time Sunday night came I was more than ready for what came next.

Nick tore me off the bed, ripped off my clothes, and bent me over the bed. I could already feel myself getting wet and he hadn’t really touched me yet. Next thing I felt was far from a soft caress. It was the sharp pain from his hand spanking me and the deep thud of his fist punching my ass. I didn’t mind, this was exactly what I needed. I needed to feel pain delivered by him. I needed to feel his power over me. The masochistic side of me wanted this to last all night. Wanted to keep feeling the pain and was thriving and becoming more alive with each hit. Unfortunately, there was another side, probably my baby girl side, that couldn’t take much more pain. Nick could see it. He could tell that side was reaching the end of the rope.

That is when he decided it was time for a different pain. One that he knew would bring pleasure to both sides. He got out the lube and made sure to cover his stiff bull cock. Then he bent me back over, brought both of my hands behind my back and held them there with one hand. His other hand was used to help guide his cock between my cheeks and into my ass. The moment I felt the pressure against me I felt my body voluntarily relax. This was it. The best combination of pleasure and pain I could have asked for.

I couldn’t keep quiet. My moans and screams couldn’t even be quieted by putting my face into the mattress. I loved every minute. Until the urge to play with my clit came. I tried to bring one of my hands forward. Wanting to rub my clit to bring myself to climax, but Nick was already 2 steps ahead of me. He leaned in to tell me that I was not getting my hands back to touch myself until his cum was dripping from my ass. This made me want to cum that much more. Being told I couldn’t cum when I was experiencing so much pleasure was the work of a sadist who knows their victim. He continued thrusting and using my body to make himself orgasm.

I wished it would have never ended, when he pulled himself out I felt myself wishing he was still inside of me. Using me. I didn’t realize that I was going to finally get to finish. He laid me on the bed and brought out the one thing he knew would give me the orgasm I deserved. He spread my legs and pressed the hitachi to my clit, looked down at me, grabbed my boob, and sadistically asked if he should start it out on high. I begged him not to, and lucky for me he listened. He didn’t need to leave it on for long. Before I could realize what was happening my orgasm was making my body convulse. I’m not sure if the orgasm ended just as another began, or if the orgasm really lasted what seemed like a full minute. I sank into the bed. Done. Finished. Finally satisfied and ready for sleep.

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