A Simple Mindfuck

As an Father, Dominant, and adult with responsibilities time is a very valuable and rare thing to have. So in order to keep things interesting and to have some fun I sometimes play with Lindsey’s head a little. Very similar to the term “Mindfuck”. My version is a way to keep your submissive engaged and excited for what will happen either later that day, or even later that week. This can be anything from teasing them and letting them know what you have planned for them, or it can be tasks you ask them to do during their normal (vanilla) day. An example is that you could ask you submissive to leave their work station, go to the rest room, and take a naughty picture, pleasure themselves without cumming, or tell them call and cum while your on the phone if they are in a position to do so. Please do NOT put your partner in a position that would make them or others uncomfortable. Another good point to remember is that those around you and your partner did not consent to hearing/seeing the two of you engaging in play.

You may think what good is this? For myself, and other people with very little free time, this is a way to keep the D/s relationship adventurous and at the front of your minds when you are not able to be together in ways that you would like. I am also a sadist, so I do get satisfaction from turning Lindsey on then making her wait until later to get her sexual release. She claims she likes it too. Usually this leads to Lindsey getting to the point where she is nearly crawling out of her skin and begging for playtime. From what I have seen on Twitter, this is also a method used in long distance relationships I can’t say for sure being I have never been in one, but it’s something I have heard of happening.

If this is something you already do with your partner, then you know how fun it is. If this is something you haven’t done you should give it a try (as long as your partner is consenting of course). This can be a lot of fun, and sometimes can lead to new ideas for playtime. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think or how your Mindfuck is done. You can also find me on Twitter as Dom_Venom.

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