Finding a kinky community is not an easy thing to do where we live. We live in Utah and for those of you who don’t know, Utah is very conservative and religious place for the most part. This has been complete culture shock for me. I was born and raised in the north east, and I have had to make a lot of adjustments . Some times I feel like an astronaut exploring a strange planet and a completely different species. I will honestly stand there in middle of a conversation about whatever people are talking about and do national geographic commentary in my head ” the big haired female is constantly talking about how impressive her yard is while the man in the sweater vest tries to one up her at every turn this must be some form of mating ritual”. Due to the strict Mormon religion, most are afraid to do anything because they may be viewed as a “bad” person since most things are denied by the prominent religion. Which means anything “adult” is done with super secrecy and in the dark.

We have gone the usually route for kinky people and started looking for others in our area on FetLife. I would think in most other places this is a way to get in touch with your community but here it’s just seems to be a place 90 percent men most either trying to cheat on their wife, wanting an easy lay, or secretly gay. When we do finally find someone to talk to and get to know they either ghost out and vanish or they just continue to hide behind a computer. This being the case it makes it very hard to find other kinky people to hang out with and develop a friendship with.

The only actual community we have been able to find has been on Twitter. We have both found really interesting and kinky people to follow and communicate with on there. I understand that it’s really not the same as going to a dungeon or some sort of club, but at this point it’s way better than having no Community at all. Besides the people on Twitter, for the most part, have been great. Like us they are normal people, with a normal life, with a kinky side too. I am sure there is some sort of local community here, but I’m also pretty sure because of the way things are here it burrows deep deep underground.

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