A Frisky Fourty Birthday

Last week Nick turned the big 4-0! To celebrate his birthday we made the short drive over the border to Nevada so Nick could gamble and pick up some “medication”. To get to our destination we have to drive about 40 miles on an interstate filled with fellow travelers headed to Las Vegas and truck drivers. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to give Nick a show that others could possibly see while also building my body confidence.

As soon as we entered the interstate I removed my shirt and camisole to expose my barely covered breasts. I was wearing a lacy balconette bra that stopped just short of my nipples. I could see the excitement in Nick’s eyes and knew he was going to enjoy the first part of his birthday gift. Throughout the ride he would look over and admire what was his, or reach across and play with me.

When we arrived Nick got the second part to his birthday gift. I only put on the my ever so slightly see through shirt. It was just thin enough that you could see milky white skin through the black fabric. I was letting him see what was his for the rest of the night while also showing everyone else what they couldn’t have.

As the night went on, people around the casino started taking second looks at my chest. The waiter paid special attention to us at dinner. The mostly empty roulette table started filling with leering men. All I could think is I hope Nick is enjoying his view. I didn’t even notice the others.

The ride home when my shirt was removed once again is when I learned about all the looks I had received. I didn’t think anyone but Nick would enjoy what I had done, but I have to admit I did like being *slightly* more exposed than I should be. In fact, it was a bit of a turn on. I started becoming aroused the more we talked about the night. Something Nick took full advantage of

Since I was the driving on the ride home Nick was able to dedicate himself to playing with me the whole ride home. The best part was since we were all alone without the fear of sound travelling into the kids rooms I was able to be as loud as I pleased. The more Nick played, the more amplified my moans became. Twisting my nipples and giving me the perfect combination of pleasure and pain. The best part was the longer he went, the more turned on I was, and the more turned on I was the more pain I needed. By some miracle we made it home without pulling over for a quickie. We raced to the room and he fucked me good and hard, much better than what we could have done in the car.

Now I am realizing that maybe I do like to flaunt my body a little bit. I still have some major body issues to get over and some areas should probably get some gym time. However, there are still ways to show off what I do like and get some fun attention.

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