Open Wide

I can’t even imagine how terrible I look right now. Drool was dripping from my open mouth down my chin and onto my exposed chest. The open mouth gag was preventing me from closing my mouth to swallow. The rope bound around me was preventing me from moving my hands so I could try to clean myself up.

“You are a messy slut aren’t you? Lucky for you I like my sluts messy.” His fingers slid into my cunt. “Judging by the way your cunt feels I think you like being messy too.” His fingers felt so good inside of me. Sliding in and out while also swirling to hit my G-spot just long enough for me to wish I could orgasm before being taken away.

Too soon he removed his fingers and stuck them in my gaping face hole. “Lick.” I didn’t really have a choice. My tongue lapped up my sweet juices. Maneuvering my head so I could get every side of his fingers. Not being able to close my mouth so I could really suck his fingers clean made the task much more challenging. “What is taking so long slut. Is it difficult with your mouth open.” He acted like he was growing inpatient, but upon glancing at his face I could see he wasn’t impatient. He was enjoying the torment he was causing me. Making it hard to use my mouth and then only allowing me to use it was how he was getting off tonight.

“Get on your knees slut.” I knelt down and he stood above me. This was it, I knew it was going happen eventually. He slid his cock down my throat cutting off my airway with his fat cock. I looked up at him, hoping he could see the silent plea in my eyes. My eyes started to water and he must have sensed my panic from lack of oxygen. He partially pulled his cock out. Giving me just enough to breath again. I thanked him by massaging his cock with my tongue. “Take a deeper breath this time, I’m going to keep my cock down your throat longer. You need to learn to deep throat me for longer periods of time slut.” I took in a deep breath, praying it would be enough.

His cock was so deep down my throat, and he started to run his hand up and down my throat, making me very aware of how far down his cock was. I didn’t know if I was going to last much longer without air. My body started to shake and he withdrew his cock completely. All of the drool that had built up that I was unable to swallow dripped out of my mouth again. The longer we went the messier I looked. He must have enjoyed the view though since he stood back to look at me while stroking his cock.

He stood me up and pushed me up against the wall. “Spread your legs slut.” I did as I was told and felt his fingers slide deep into my cunt. “Eat yourself.” He commanded as he stuck his wet fingers in my mouth again. I did as I was told as quick as I could. Then, before I could understand what was happening he lifted me by my ass cheeks and slid me onto his cock.

From this position he was able to fuck my cunt, while getting a close up view of the mess all over my chest. He took my nipple into his mouth and started to nibble and suck. Then the nibbles turned into bites as he started to fuck me harder and deeper. I was moaning and screaming, not able to close my mouth to muffle the sounds so it echoed through the room. I started cumming, hard. My body convulsing as he continued to fuck me. Once my orgasm was over he lifted me off of him and had me kneel in front of him. He started masturbating above me. I could tell he was close to coming, he was starting to moan and twitch himself. “Push out your tits slut. I don’t want to miss my target.” I proudly displayed my tits for him, making them push out as far as I could. Then he came. My chest and tits were covered in his cum. dripping down my torso. He quickly untied me. “Now rub it in. For every drop that makes it to the floor you will receive a spanking.” I rubbed my chest,tits, and tummy making sure nothing dropped.

“Now, put on a shirt and get ready for bed. You will be sleeping this way, and I will be the one to decide when you are allowed to stop being a dirty slut.”

Masturbation Monday

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  1. I quite enjoy some forms of erotic humiliation so can see the heat here. I am scared of the drool thing though so try to avoid gags. There is something hot about it but I can’t bring myself to go there although you made it seem really sexy 🙂

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