A Night to Remember

Last night the stars and planets aligned for Nick and I to have the house *mostly* to ourselves. The older children were away with their sperm/ovum donors and the baby went to bed early enough that we weren’t dead on our feet ready for sleep ourselves.

When we realized what amazing opportunity we had Nick started to plan quickly. I was so excited just to have more that a quick session that I was giddy and thought for sure it was going to be a scene that included pain, since that is his favorite thing to do.

I was happy to come into the room to learn that it wasn’t going to be “painful” at all. Instead, I was going to be restrained (YAY), and tortured with the wand (double YAY). Bondage is my favorite activity, and who doesn’t like having orgasms from clitoral stimulation. However, after last night I will start to be a little more apprehensive about this situation again.

First, Nick had me bend over the bed so he could slide a plug into my ass. He knows how much anal stimulation turns me on and makes me want to play with my clit and cum. Then he helped me onto the bed. Once I was chained to the bed, Nick placed the wand against my clit. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and it was pure bliss. I felt the orgasm building, my cunt throbbing, and attempting to moan with a ball gag in my mouth.

Finally, the orgasm hit me with a tidal wave of ecstasy. Every cell in my body was buzzing and overly sensitive. Especially the ones tied to my clit and nipples. Nick didn’t seem to care though. He left the wand right where it was. That is when the pain hit. The over stimulation. I couldn’t get away from it. I tried rotating my hips away, but because of the way I was bound to the bed I didn’t make it very far. Instead, I was able to spur Nick on. He reached up with his free hand and started twisting my nipples.

At this point I was wishing he was spanking me instead. I never knew how much pain he could really cause me. He could see it on my face. He knew how torn I was, because even though the pain I was feeling was nearly unbearable, it felt just as good at the same time. I wanted to cum and I wanted to cry. Then he took the wand from low to high.

I had thought the wand had been on high this entire time. I thought that was as bad as it could get. I was WRONG! Tears started filling my eyes, and I could feel juices flowing from my cunt dripping onto the bed. One orgasm would end just for another to start a few moments later. It was just one continuous orgasm for what felt like an hour (I have been told it was only 4 min. I don’t believe him).

Once my body wouldn’t stop convulsing, tears were falling down my cheeks, and there were sobs mingled in with moans Nick finally turned the wand off. He unbuckled the gag and kissed me hard. Then he unchained me from the bed. “Get on all fours baby girl. It’s my turn.” How could I have forgotten that he was going to want to cum too. I was so silly to think that it was completely over. I looked at his cock and it was like he had suddenly become a stallion. So long, thick, and hard. I knew my body was about to be hurting in another way.

His cock drilled into me. I could feel every ridge, and he was getting so deep there was no more room left in the inn. He didn’t care. He kept thrusting harder, forcing himself deeper inside of me. I was hurting, but having Nick completely take over and not care about my comfort and satisfaction was everything I have ever wanted him to do to me. Biting the pillow, and trying to not let him know how much pain I was in was hard, but finally with a final thrust and groan it was over. I could feel his warm seed spilling inside of me.

I laid down on the bed. Exhausted and exhilarated. I didn’t have any energy left. I just laid there, cum slowly dripping out into a puddle on the bed as I fell asleep.

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