How Being a Dominant Effects Professional Life

I know there are many Dominants in the world, but I can say I don’t know any personally. I live in a sexually repressed state that is mostly run by a strict, conservative religion. Since, I don’t know any Dominant’s in my personal life, I have often wondered how others are perceived by their co-workers.

When it comes to me being Dominant I have never been able to shut it off, not even at work. In just about every job I have advanced quickly, made policy and procedure changes, and increased efficiency. Most of the time it has a positive impact but there are negatives that come with it. Some of the negatives are that I get bored easy at work. I get through all my work quickly and I end up with nothing to do with 5 hours of my day left. I occasionally have heated discussions with others, especially when they are disrespectful.

I have noticed it’s not just my dominant tendencies, my Daddy tendencies come out while I’m at work as well. With my Daddy Dominant side I am often asked to train new employee’s. I have been told that I am patient, well spoken, helpful, and of course protective.

How do other Dominants present themselves at work? Does their Dominant personality join in on the commute, or does it shut off when they leave their home? I would also like to know if this has effected anyone else in a positive or negative way. I want to hear from other Dominants, or even subs, on how your D/s side effects your work?

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