Feminism and Submission

Is is possible to be a female submissive and a feminist at the same time? OF COURSE it is possible.

I believe that men and women deserve to have equal rights, and I don’t feel that because I submit to the will of my male dominant that makes me any less of a feminist or submissive. The key point here is that I CHOSE to submit to Nick. Actually, I was the one who initiated looking into a power exchange relationship.

I can hear a mob of feminists grabbing their ptichforks and torches so let me clarify. I still believe in equal pay for equal work. I still feel that men and women are equal. However, I also believe that a woman, or man, has the right to submit and be “inferior” to anyone of their choosing.

In the real world I expect, no DEMAND that I am treated as an equal. If Nick and I didn’t have an agreement. If we weren’t a power exchange couple. I would not allow him to treat this way. In fact, I would probably tell him to fuck off and move onto the next relationship. Instead, with my free will, I happily offered my service and submitted myself to him. That’s the difference, this was my choice. There was consent involved. Inequality comes from a non-consensual intention.

So, if you are new to the life, and you are wondering if this makes you any less of a woman, man, feminist, equal rights activist, etc. No, it doesn’t. It makes you a unique individual who knows they don’t have to follow a cookie cutter lifestyle.

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