Making Time For Kink When There is NO TIME!

The past few weeks have been nothing but chaos. For any of you out there who have kids who play sports this one is for you. Baseball season has kicked off and we have 2 boys on 3 different teams you may say, ” Why did you do that to yourself?”. The answer is they love the game and live to play, so as parents, we nurture that and support them at every practice and game.

This is a very time consuming thing to do and other parts of our lives suffer like our time to have some kinky fun. A typical day during baseball season looks something like this :

6 am – wake up
6:40 – leave for work
7:10 – clock in at work
4:02 – clock out
4:15 – at park for game 1 warm ups
6:00 – off to park number 2 for game 2 warm ups
730-930- game 2 being played
10:00- get home/ shower10:45 – if lucky back to bed
Repeat next 3-5 days.

This goes on for basically 8 weeks so with all that going on and the vanilla life is getting a strangle hold on our D/s relationship, but there are things that we do to keep the part we enjoy still alive. I really thought about it over a week ago when commenting on a tweet that @Marked_Me posted about not having time, being busy , and being stressed.

This has been a constant happening with me and Lindsey trying to keep things balanced between vanilla and D/s life. There are a few things we do to keep our kinky side going until we have time to do an actual scene. I will add a list to help out anyone or at least give ideas to anyone who may be in the same boat

One of the most important things we do is try to keep some D/s things In our everyday life that if someone saw wouldn’t think twice about. For example, Lindsey will put together my lunch in the morning, gather things I may need during the day, make my dinner plate, and refill my drink whenever it’s empty. In private she undresses me before bed, then if she has issues or wants to talk about something that happened during the day this is the time.

Another thing I do is every Monday I make a task list for Lindsey to complete during the week. This list changes from week to week, and adjusts to what our schedule is. This list will include things like a new blog post, lines for her to write, specific tasks I want done that help me out, maybe have her take pictures for me, and whatever else I may want her to do but more importantly the tasks keep her feeling submissive.

Lindsey came up with a great idea on her own. She has been sending me pictures of videos of things she wants or wants me to do to her with the number of days counting down.

I know these tasks don’t sound sexy, or exciting, but it makes me feel dominant and her feel submissive. I know the things I mentioned may not work for you but it is also ideas that you can try to keep things going when there is no time for what you really want

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