“Pull your shirt up baby.”

I did what was asked of me. He started out by firmly grasping my big round breasts. Taking my now hard nipples into his mouth. Biting down, taking my nipple between his teeth then flicking it with his tongue. His fingers twisting and pulling on the opposite nipple as he worked.

My body was completely responsive. My slit getting wet as my hips started rocking and grinding against his waist. Wanting to take him fully inside of me.

“You want me inside of you? Why don’t you use your mouth to show me how much.” I slid down the bed and took him in my mouth without hesitation. His thick cock filling my mouth I moved up and down his shaft, sucking and moaning as I went.

He reached down and continued to pull and twist on my nipples. Then he slid his hand back and started rubbing my ass. Then without any kind of warning he slid his finger into my asshole. My body immediately gave into it. My juices were starting to flow steadily, my clit was no swollen and throbbing for attention. I wanted nothing more than to come, and I could tell he was ready too.

He pulle me off his cock and I thought, “Yes, now he is going to fuck me and we can come together.” Alas, that was not his plan. I was told to kneel on the floor and push out my tits. He then stood above me and released all over my bare chest. “Rub it in baby girl. You are going to let it dry and sleep in it all night, and we are done for the night. You will have to wait for your release.”

We then laid down. My body aching for more, but at the same time I loved being told I was going to have to wait. Loved knowing that he was taking control over my body.

I am still waiting for my release. Maybe he will let me today for Masturbation Monday after I read everyone else’s fun stories, just like you should dear reader.

Thank you Rebel’s Notes for the perfect picture for the story I wanted to tell this week.

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