Daddy Over Celebrities

Celebrity crushes, we all have them. If you tell me you don’t I will call you a liar. (Yes, Daddy even you. I know you have one even if you won’t tell me who.)

Daddy recently joked about an Aquaman (mmmm Jason Momoa) Pop! Figure on my nightstand. Like I need to have him by my side.

This little remark got the wheels in my head going. I do A LOT of sexual fantasizing, and it is always Daddy.

Anytime I think of someone taking my boobs in their mouth, Daddy. Spanking my ass, Daddy. Fucking me, Daddy.

I’m not even mad. To me this is just more evidence that he and I are a perfect fit. Because after all of this time together I can’t imagine being with anybody else. Not even my celebrity lovers. So sorry Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, and Jason Momoa. I am off the market. Going forward in I will just been looking. Not touching, even in my mind.

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