She was so kind, sober, and fully dressed. Just the type Brandon usually went for. He could see that she was eager to please, and we was eager to take everything he could from her. 

“Come here sweet girl” he patted to the seat next to his on the couch. “Tell me why you are being so hesitant and uncomfortable.”

“I have heard about you, Sir. That you are caring and kind to your submissive’s, but that you also take so much from them. Ask so much of them. I am just afraid I will not live up to your standards.”

“You let me be the judge of that. As long as you do as you are asked there won’t be a problem, but that is an issue for another day. Tonight we are simply getting to know each other. Seeing if there is anything between us worth exploring. I definitely wouldn’t ask you to be my submissive with out a test drive, and you shouldn’t want to be mine without one either.”

“That makes sense. What did you have in mind for tonight then?”

“Tonight will be about what your hard limits are, and if they can mesh with my needs. Once we figure that out, I think it is only prudent to see how compatible we are physically.”

A few hours later…

“Now, let me see all of you. I want inspect that delightful body of yours. Please stand and slowly remove your clothing. Starting with your blouse and bra, then to your skirt and panties, but leave your heels on.”

Noelle stood, slowly following his command. She felt a shiver go down her spine. She had never been with someone so meticulous. Their negotiations for just the night covered everything she had ever thought of and more. It was nice being with a Dom who was so experienced and mature. The Doms in her past had not done their research, and they were really just wanting rough sex and a woman to make them a sandwich after. 

“Good my pet, your skin is so fair and soft. Could you please turn slowly. I would very much like to see your backside before I make it glow.”

Noelle turned in place, making sure to stay on her toes so her ass was as plump and inviting as possible. She heard him groan in pleasure from the couch. He approved of what he was seeing. 

“Come here, and kneel at my feet. Yes, just like that. Now, tonight is going to be a fairly light session. A teaser if you will, but if you do well I will be asking you to visit again. Do you have any objections to this plan?”

“No Sir. I am very excited about this plan.” 

“Good, now please lay across my lap here. I think we will start with a few spankings so I can get a feel for your flesh under my hand. Remember, the more you try to move away the worse it is going to be for you. I will also be hesitant to ask you to come play again.”

“Yes Sir”


Noelle let out a little moan, but didn’t move. At least not in a way that he noticed. That first spank was all it took for her love box to twitch in anticipation. With each hit she felt the moisture build and the need for his cock to be driven inside of her grew. 

“Very good little one. You didn’t try to get away at all. In fact, I think you may have raised your ass higher wanting more. That will do for now that your ass is a beautiful shade of red. As you can imagine my cock is quite hard from that, and it need to be addressed. Could you please kneel between my legs, unzip my pants, and take my cock into your mouth. I would like to have my cock sucked for a while before I fuck you.”

Noelle did as she was asked. She didn’t even hesitate. She was happy to give him what he needed since he just gave her something she so desperately needed, even though she wasn’t aware of the need before hand. It felt so good taking his cock down her throat and remembering the hits she had just taken. She felt more alive in the past few minutes than she had her entire life. She wanted to please Brandon because she wanted to stay for a while. She felt a burning deisre, or maybe a wet one, to be with him and serve him for a long time. 

“Mmmm that will do. Now climb up on the couch. Hold to the back so I can fuck you. I will be attempting to fuck your ass as well. Is that something you still agree to?”

“Yes please. I love having my ass fucked, just please be sure to use lube.”

“Trust me, I wouldn’t try without it.”

Just like that he was sliding into her tight, wet cunt. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she let out a moan. She knew he was big, but she didn’t realize he would fill her up and still need more space. Feeling him hit the end of her tunnel over and over again was the greatest pleasure she had ever felt during sex. With each thrust her legs got weaker, and her breath got shorter. Before she knew it her legs were shaking and threatening to buckle beneath her. He must have sensed this because he tightened his grip on her hips and helped her stay up. 

Then came a small break. Noelle was certain she knew what was coming next. He was getting lube so he could try her final hole. Now she was scared. If he filled her cunt that way, what was he going to do to her ass. She felt his head press against her. He leaned in and whispered “Relax. I know this is a lot to take, so I will move slow. If you want me to go any faster you can start sliding back to increase the speed.” 

Feeling his head break that barrier was the most blissful pain she had ever felt. She now truly new the phrase “It hurts so good”. She started to slide her hips back. Trying to take him in completely. Wanting to get him fully engulfed so he could start thrusting in and out the way he did in her cunt. She was moaning, and so was he. She could feel him trying to hold back so he didn’t hurt her. 

“Sir, please fuck me. Use my ass the way you used my cunt. I want to feel you slide in and out.”

“Are you sure you are ready for that?”

“YES! Please use this ass until you are done. Fill it with your hot cum.”

That did it. That was all the encouragement he needed. He moved faster and harder than he had before in her cunt. She feel the sweat coming off of him. Matching her own exertion. She knew he was getting close. She could feel the cum building in his cock waiting to be release. With one final hard thrust she felt it spill inside of her. The comforting warmth filling her. 

“Thank you little one. I don’t think I have ever had such an accepting and willing submissive. We will definitely meet again.”

“As you wish Sir. I am available to you whenever you want.” She was already his. Her body had made that choice for her. She was owned by him, even if he hadn’t claimed that ownership yet. She knew she would do whatever it took for him to claim it. 

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