Twitter Woes

Lately I have been in a FUNK. I mean a bad one. Writers block, not feeling sexy, not feeling submissive, not wanting to do my baby girl self card activities, and just going through the motions FUNK. 

I didn’t really realize this was happening until Daddy pointed out that I had not completed my required 2 a week blog posts. In fact, I hadn’t done them in a while. Check the blog dates, I have really slacked. 
That’s when I realized that I was not doing well, but I couldn’t pin point the cause. I thought I was doing fine, but I realized I didn’t have any motivation or inspiration. I had to look deep. What I found was depressing as well. 
Weeks ago Daddy wanted me to find people I could connect with online. People who would help me, inadvertently, explore my baby girl side. We both followed members of a specific group on Twitter, so I reached out to one asking if I could be part of the group. They were so gracious in allowing me to join. 
It was all great at first, but over time I felt less and less like I belonged there. This is not their fault at all. Just they have a different mindset than I do. I found myself asking if I was baby girl enough, or into D/s enough. I found myself lacking in their presence. 
I really didn’t like feeling that way. Deep down I knew I was good enough for what Daddy and I wanted from our relationship, but I was comparing myself to someone else. 
Since I had that discovery I have been absent from Twitter. If I do get on I scroll for a minute then decide to get off before I really pay much attention to what is going on. I just can’t get invested in the tweets of others anymore. 
I know I need to bite the bullet and get involved with the amazing online community again. I should probably un-follow the and leave the group as well. I am just afraid to. I need that community, and the camaraderie it brings.   
Twitter is such a powerful tool to help small bloggers gain a following. A place to express yourself. A place to find those with similar thoughts. What happens when you no longer want to spend time there?
I would love to try and start a group of my own. To find my place. I just don’t have enough followers to do so. In fact this other group is less than 20 members, but they account for roughly 20% of my followers. How do you find your people for a group when you can’t even get them to follow your random thoughts???

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