Changes Ahead

Daddy and I are embarking on a new chapter in our lives. One that is going to push us to our physical brinks, bring both of us some pain, possibly some tears, and if we are lucky alter our bodies.

We are starting a fitness and diet regimine.

I wouldn’t say Daddy and I are obese or unhealthy in a critical sense, but we have both put on some weight, and could really eat better. We aren’t going to go all crazy with a diet, just make an effort to eat more veggies and whole grains, and fewer sugars and carbs. Cutting down on those will be super difficult. I love my candy and soda, and really both of us love carbs.

The other day we were laying in bed watching Death Race and Jason Statham started working out Daddy said “I want to get that ripped”, and I of course responded with “I’m okay with that” because who isn’t okay with Jason Statham.

It got me thinking though. How do you tell your partner, especially a dominant partner, that while you love them, and are okay with them just the way they are (Daddy, I promise you I am good with you staying the way you are), you wouldn’t mind if they made a few changes. In this case, I wouldn’t mind it if Daddy dropped a few pounds, and gained some muscle. In fact, I would be more than okay with it, but I feel like saying that out loud makes me come off as vain and hurtful.

I don’t want to be that. In reality I just want to say, “Daddy, you’ve put on some weight, and so have I. Let’s help each other get to a place that makes us happy.” I am sure there are things about my body that he would like to change. He is just way to caring to say them. However, I did show him a picture of what I would like to do with my ass and he definitely seemed excited by the thought of my ass looking like that. I think the word he used was “slappable”.

In the end I guess writing this is a way to tell him that, and I am sure I will hear about it later when he reads this. I am okay with that I guess. At least I got it out there. Hopefully in a way that doesn’t hurt the man that I will never stop loving no matter what he looks like.

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