Feels Like Teen Spirit

Do you remember those long make out sessions you had as a teenager. You know the ones where you kissed so much you thought your jaw was going to fall off, your lips got chapped, your breathing was heavy, the windows were foggy, but you just kept going because it felt so good. Your bodies grinding against each other, cocks were getting hard. Then because you’re young and a prude (or at least I was) you stop it just before the good stuff could start. Sending him home with blue balls (again maybe that was just me).

Do you ever crave that? Do you ever sit at your work desk wishing your partner, or some imaginary person for you single peeps, was there rocking your inner teens world. 
I recently had that. Mr and I went at it like teenagers whose parents were gone for the afternoon. We were kissing, our tongues doing the tango as I let out little moans. My legs wrapped around him, rolling my hips as I was grinding against him. Everything inside of me begging for more, hoping it never ended. He was running his fingers through my hair, giving it little tugs. He was kissing my neck, my hips rocked harder. Then we hit the breaking point. 
Teenage Lindsey would have gone look at the time. I guess we should get me home then enjoyed his discomfort the whole ride. Adult Lindsey had a different approach. I started begging him to take my clothes off and fuck me. Hard.
This is where karma came back to bite me in the ass. Mr did not give in so easy. I was pressing my dripping cunt against him so hard he might as well have been inside of me, but there were too many damn clothes in the way. He slid his hand down my pants and starting playing with my clit. I wanted to scream. He kept teasing, kissing, biting, playing. I couldn’t take it anymore. 
I broke a rule I started undressing myself, and him without permission. Finally he relented, if I rode him. Not usually my favorite position, or top ten really, but I didn’t care. I strattled him and rode him like my life, and orgasm, depended on it. He stuck his fingers that were covered in my juices in my mouth. Telling me to suck them clean, which I was happy to do. 
I was covered in sweat. He was grunting grabbing my hips to get me to move them faster. My fingers were digging into his forearms. Until finally I rocked back a little harder and he exploded inside of me. It felt so good. 
We are now two days after and all I can think about is doing that again. Just ask Mr.  I have been begging for it ever since. Hell, this post is just a new way to beg for it. 
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  1. Oh gawd indeed! I was so scared to take that final step that I was guilty of creating blue balls many times too! I do yearn for those teenage, lust fuelled days – big time – one of the reasons I love YA novels, all that angst and yearning is so sexy! You encapsulated it, really well done and the resultant sex sounded hot AF! And now your yearning … lucky you!

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