Life’s Predicaments

How do I get myself into these predicaments? I wondered to myself as my face was pinned to the bed, gagged, ass high in the air, and my wrists tied to my ankles. Oh, right, I volunteered for this. Not only volunteered, but I gave him ideas to use.

Just as I thought that I felt the anal plug I had suggested start to press again my ass. He was going to be torturous and take it slow. Centimeter by centimeter I feel the plug move its was in. I could feel my asshole stretching to take the full width of the plug, and I knew I needed to relax or it was going to hurt in a few seconds. He was getting this all the way in whether I wanted him to or “not”, lets be honest I REALLY wanted it in there, but sometimes it gets a little rough when I haven’t relaxed enough. Finally, its in. Now I really wish my hands weren’t tied down. There is nothing I love more than masturbating when my ass is filled. My clit felt like it was full of bees, anticipating what it normally gets, but we were going to be very disappointed instead.

I hear him go back to the toy box, could he be finding my relief, a little vibrator to help my clit and I get the release we so desperately need at this point? Could he be going the nice route by letting me cum? His hand caresses my smooth ass, and gives it a firm “I own this” grab. THWACK! God Damnit! No release for me, instead he is going to get his rocks off while beating my ass. I felt the flogger hit my ass again, and again, and again. I could feel the temperature of my ass starting to climb. It had to be a nice pink at this point. I hear him starting to rummage again. My heart hopes for a vibrator, but my head knows better. He isn’t done with my ass. I know he can get it redder, and he will before he is done.

My cunt has now joined in on the “We Need To Cum Now” parade. She is dripping wet, tattling on us all that we love getting our ass beat. I can feel my cunt contracting, if it were a mouth there would be little screams and whimpers coming out. Everybody just calm down. I am sure He will get to us eventually and we will all get that orgasm we need! 

Next thing we knew there was a thud against my ass. Ah, the paddle. At least he didn’t go for the cane. With each thud I could feel my ass turning redder. Then all of a sudden there was a new feeling. He had switched to the cane without my realizing it. Hopefully this didn’t last long. He knows I can’t take much without safe-wording. I feel a couple swats, God that fucking stings. Should I safe word? Can I take another hit? 

I didn’t have to find out. He climbed up onto the bed and took hold of my hips. Rubbing his huge hard cock on my smooth red ass. Taking in his handy work. Enjoying it. I shake my ass the best I can. Hoping to somehow convince him to slide his cock into my exposed cunt. We really need that cock. I don’t know how much longer we can hold out without getting that orgasm we need. My cunt is throbbing so bad I can feel my heartbeat. The bees in my clit have reproduced, how they are all fitting is beyond me.

Finally! He slides his cock into my cunt. Starting out slow and letting me feel every inch of his massive cock. I love his cock, especially after he has given my ass a beating. It is always so big and hard. He starts to pick up the speed. My cunt has gone to her happy place. He reaches down and pulls on my hair, his thrusts get deeper and faster. He’s groaning. I can feel the cum building in his cock. Ready to make its escape into my cunt, but just before he cums he slides out. He rolls me over, and shoots his hot liquid all over my tits.

I am covered. I feel his cum dripping down the side of my chest and down toward my belly button. He is untying my hands from my ankles. I’m instructed to rub his cum into my skin. That I will be sleeping covered in him tonight. I do so, happily. Sleeping while covered in his cum is a big, nightlong, turn on for me.

When I am done he hands me the vibrator. I get to give my clit her moment too! I turn it on, turn up the intensity and press it against my clit. Rocking my hips and moaning it doesn’t take long. I scream as I feel one last orgasm rip from my body. Everything is on fire now, twitching with euphoria.

He removes my gag, and the anal plug. Kisses me on the forehead and tells me I am a good girl SQUEEEE and that it is now time to go to bed. When he comes back from cleaning himself up. He takes me in his arms and rocks me to sleep. Not letting go until he feels my body relax, and little snores coming out. Sleep well Baby Girl. You made me very happy tonight.

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