Religious Teachings and D/s Relationships

Daddy and I had an in depth conversation the other day, and the topic was of course relationships and D/s. I had a thought that maybe, just maybe, the Bible was on to something with calling women the weaker sex and saying we were to submit to the man.

Let me add a couple of disclaimers here. 1. I am not a religious person. I believe there is a higher being, but one would not mistake me as a God fearing woman. 2. I’m not saying women are weak, nor am I saying it should always be the woman who submits to the partner in a relationship.

What we realized was there was a time when women did a form of submission to their husband, and that time was not that long ago. The crazy thing is, during that time divorce rates were SUPER low. This is where the Bible portion comes into play. Could it be that what really needed to happen for relationships to work is one partner submitting to another?

We haven’t known many other D/s couples, but from everything we have learned a stable LTR does not end very often. There must be something to that, right?

In your basic D/s relationship one partner makes all of the decisions. That doesn’t mean that the other one isn’t allowed any input, but in the end the Big D gets to make the final call. There is no arguing over who has the better idea, no struggling to be the one wearing the pants. We already know who is in charge. How many arguments are avoided because egos are put to the side. I would bet if Daddy and I were in a vanilla relationship there would be numerous arguments all because we are both strong minded people who want to have our way.

I’m not saying every relationship should be D/s, but maybe they should learn to put egos aside and allow someone to take the lead. You know, as long as they are stable, fair, and responsible.

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