‘Twas the Days After Christmas

The stockings were lost after a Christmas gift unwrapping blur. St. Nicholas had already been there.

We were enjoying the relaxing time between Christmas and New Years, and we had nothing to do but play with each other. 
Daddy wearing his shiny boxers while sitting in his chair, and me kneeling at his feet enjoying his fingers in my hair. 
When all of a sudden I felt a small tug, “bring your mouth here, dear little one.”  
I happily leaned in, learning his cock was nice and thick. I opened wide, and pleasured him with pride. 
When he yelled out, “Oh Princess, come up for a ride.” 
I jumped into his lap and screamed “OH DADDY. OH DADDY. FUCK ME HARDER AND DEEPER PLEASE”. 
Before I knew what was happening I was thrown on the ground. 
Daddy pulling my ass up and driving his dick deeper inside of me. 
My body gave a great shudder as he gave a final grunt and thrust. 
Then he whispered in my ear, “come little one, let’s call it a night”.

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