On the Edge of Boiling Over

I recently read a post by Submissy where she talked about “This Thing We Do” (TTWD) being part of a D/s relationship. How it isn’t just based on the physical act of sex, but it causes us all to be on “simmer” all the time with the smallest thing, something as simple as a muttered word, can bring us to the boiling points.

I read this post mere hours after me calling Mr “Daddy” for the first time. This had opened a whole new world for us. I have been on “simmer” ever since. Having Daddy call me baby girl the next day when I was at work sent me way over the boiling point. I thought for sure everyone around me could sense my sudden wetness. My cheeks flushed, and my skin was on fire.

In past relationships it would take so much more. I would have required a days worth of sexting and some sensual and painful touching. This is so much different. He constantly has me on edge. Sometimes for non sex related things. Like reminding me that I have two blog posts due by tonight. (Yes, this is getting written last minute and may not be my best)

TTWD has made me happy. It has made my relationship with Mr stronger, and happier than any relationship either of us has ever been in. People may look down at it, and be afraid of it, but being part of a D/s relationship is mostly about the connection between the people involved. Maybe more people should try it.

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