Their Gifts

She kneeled naked next to the Christmas tree waiting for Him to come home. She knew he had been having a rough day and she was going to give, and be, an early Christmas present. 
She heard his car pull into the driveway and her excitement grew. She felt herself getting wetter and a little dripped onto her legs. She knew He was going to be very pleased with his gift. 
He called for her when he came in. She was barely able to keep her voice stable as she sweetly called for him. He turned the corner into the room and she saw his pants get tighter immediately.
“Sir, I know your day has been rough, and I am here to make it better for you. Please, use me and let me make it better.” 
He walked across the room and stood above her. Stroked her face with pure admiration. “Undo my pants, sweet little one. You’re going to suck my cock until I tell you to stop.” 
She did as she was asked. Freeing his long thick cock from his pants. she grabbed the base with her hand and started to slide it into her salivating mouth. Sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, getting it further and further down her throat with each pass. Moaning and sending vibrations, causing his member to pulsate more. He was groaning, and grabbing her hair and running his fingers through it. He reached down and started twisting her nipples. Causing her sweet pain and making her cunt twitch. 
She desperately wanted to touch herself and cum, but she knew tonight was all about him. She continued to work his cock. He was getting close, she could feel the cum building in his cock. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her mouth and let his cum cover her perfect tits. 
“What a good girl you are. Now, refrain from cleaning up and getting dressed. I want to look at your naked body and be reminded of this sweet encounter for the rest of the night.”
“Yes Sir. Thank you for covering my chest ornaments with my favorite gift. I would be happy to display it for the rest of the night for you.”
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