Scandalous Sunday

Bent over

Blind folded

Ass exposed


Will it be a spanking?

Will it be a fucking?

Will I just be left here wondering?

He’s rummaging in the toys.

I hear a vibration.

There is a chance I will cum.

My cunt starts to drip.

Then a pressure on my asshole.

He starts to slide something in.

Oh fuck it’s starting to hurt.

It stings.

I scream out in pain

He leans in and whispers

This will hurt less if you just relax.

I take a deep breath

Force my muscles to relax.

He continues to push.

Then out of no where I have pleasure and relief.

The need to play with my clit.

He must of known that was what I was thinking.

No touching yourself until I say.

He pats my ass.

Tells me to get dressed and to continue with my day.

I put my pants back on and spend the rest of the day hoping the night will bring the orgasm I now desperately need.

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