30 Days of Kink-itude

November is here. Time for family, friends, food, and of course the endless gratitude posts on social media that you wish you could escape. You think at least my favorite kinkster blogs won’t be full of this shit. Think again. I wil, however, make it fun. Every Sunday until the end of the month I will post my weeks list of kinky things I am grateful for. I will try to find a different category for each day, but I won’t make any guarantees. 

So here it goes.
1. A Dominant that understands me and my needs.  
2. The ability to participate in kink.
3. Blogs that inform, and aren’t just smut.
4. Blog prompts. 
That is all for this week. Come back next week, and I will have 5-11 ready for you. Maybe I will have a graphic for you to follow along as well. I just need to bribe my tech savvy Mr to help me out with it. 

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