Humiliation has ALWAYS been a big turn on for me. So naturally I love it when Mr marks me in a way that reminds me of my place.
This morning He came behind me. Twisted my nipples. Then threw me on the bed. My shirt was lifted and he pulled out a sharpie. He then started writing all over my abdomen. Making sure when I looked down I would be reminded of what I am.
While he was making his masterpiece I could feel my cunt starting to twitch and liquid escaping. All I could think about was getting on my knees and properly thanking him. Sliding his cock into the back of my throat. Moaning and moving back and forth until he shot his hot seed down my throat.
Instead he twisted my nipples one more time. Fixed my top and left for work. Knowing I would be spending the rest of the day thinking about how wet and uncomfortable i am and how badly i want to thank him.
I am in for a day of torture.

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