Standing up to your Dominant

So, recently Mr has been trying to give up nicotine because his selfish sub (me) wants him to be healthier and not die in 15 years. How dare she. This has been causing Him to be short with his patience and temper. Which has been a nuisance, but not a problem until the other day.

Mr’s son (T) had a birthday, and we gave him a BB gun. My family is big into hunting and T has been intrigued, so we felt it was a good way to get him started. The problem arose when T tried to hold the gun, and well, it was not the right or safe way to do it. Mr tried showing T and walking him through the proper and safe way to hold a gun and T just wasn’t getting it. So Mr lost his patience and temper. There was some yelling and crying, and I decided I needed to intervene. Something we usually don’t do with each other’s children unless there are circumstances that warrant intervention. 
This is where it was a problem for me. Standing up to Mr, even if it was right, felt so wrong. He gave me a look that made me think I might be next, but I stood my ground. Reminded him that it was T’s birthday and Mr was raining on his parade. That they both needed to cool off and tackle the issue another day. 
I hated standing up to him. It was unnerving. I have never had to do that with him, and I hope to never have to do it again. It took the rest of the night for me to feel right again. I was on edge, wondering what was going to be said/done when we were alone. The good thing is this does have a happy ending. We went to bed that night and I curled up against Mr like I do every night, and nothing was said, but everything finally felt right.

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