Subs Can Make Demands Too! Right?!

I recently put my foot down with Mr and told him he had to quite vaping. He started vaping a few years ago as a way to quite smoking, and the plan was to taper himself off the vape so he was using nicotine all together. 
Last year he had made me a promise that he would be done by the time Little Miss was born. We are approaching her first birthday, and the vape is still being used. 
At the beginning of the year I threw a tantrum. I told him how upsetting it was to me that he was still using the vape. He then promised to quite by Little Miss’s first birthday. The birthday is now just over a month away.
He has shown progress, he has gone to a zero nicotine juice. I’m super proud of him. I am. However, everytime he complains about the withdrawal symptoms I am torn. I do feel sorry that he is experiencing the discomfort, but not to the point where I am willing to tell him to forget about it. I say I’m sorry, but feel like a liar because I’m not sorry enough to rescind my request. It is so hard being hard on someone that usually gives me the orders. 
All of this is because I don’t want him to die younger than I am ready for. I waited nearly 30 years to find my soul mate, and he was in his late thirties. I am positive we will never have the opportunity to celebrate our 50th anniversary, or be the couple our grandchildren can brag about being married for many years. We just don’t have that much time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t beg him to do everything possible to give us a few more years. 

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