Late Night Bliss

Last night Mr and i were awoken by the Little Miss. While this was slightly inconvenient, Mr decided to view it as an opportunity.

I returned to bed alongside, what I presumed, was a still sleeping Mr.  I was mistaken. He grabbed my body and brought me closer to his. Making sure to press my ass up against his overly excited cock. I wiggled my ass a little to see what he would do about it. Next thing I knew he was kissing my neck and grabbing my tits. I started feeling a need growing inside me, and my moans let him know I was more than ready to be taken.

He climbed on top of me while simultaneously taking off his boxers. Ripped my undies off. Then SLAMMED his thicker than normal cock into my waiting cunt. It hurt. I was not ready for him to be more excited than normal. But I didn’t mind. Mr was getting what he needed, and after all, isn’t that what I am for? Am I not just his to use when he needs a release?

When it was all done and over he held me close covered me in kisses and asked me if I had my release. I shyly answered no. So then he helped me get there. Making sure he wasn’t the only one. He never asked if I minded missing out on sleep. He just took what was his to take. I will forever by happy to give it to him, because in the end I know that I will get mine too, and in the end he treats me better than any woman deserves. Sub or otherwise. It is my pleasure to serve him because he does so much for me.

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