The past few months have been… difficult for me. Between stress of moving in with my parents so we can save to buy a home of our own, a new dick bag boss, and new disfunctional systems at work the last thing I wanted was sex. I don’t know why. In the past, the more stressed I got, the more I wanted it. Sex has always been a stress reliever for me, but this time was different. 

Mr started questioning me, wondering if I was depressed, or if he had done something to turn me off. I assured him it was neither. He was patient with me, for a while. Then this week he had enough, and it was exactly what I needed. Monday night he ordered me to suck his dick, and because I had made the promise to always be available I did. At first I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I could have been, but then he grabbed my hair and starting moving my head before pulling me off. Then he strattled me, kept pleasuring himself, and came all over my exposed tits. By this point I was really into it. I rubbed it in, and then pulled my shirt back on and slept in it. 
The next morning I woke up with a whole new purpose. I had been reminded the night before that it wasn’t about my needs, it’s about HIS NEEDS. That is why I enjoy being a submissive. That is what gets me off. My needs are fulfilling his needs. I have been incredible turned on since. I have rediscovered my purpose. 

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