An Unexpected, but Welcome, Visitor

There I was naked and tied face down on the bed waiting for the next hit from Him to come across my ass, when the maid walked into the room. I was panicked and unable to move. I could only imagine what we concidered foreplay looked like to this complete stranger. What was should going to do? How could we explain it was just for fun?

Then, before I could start explaining, she got on her knees and apologized to Him. He walked to her. Tilted up her chin and asked her if she belonged to someone. She shook her head. 
I couldn’t believe it. This tiny little thing. She was a sub, and she wasn’t taken. She had a tight firm  little ass, the thigh gap that would make aVictoria Secret model jealous. AND THOSE TITS. I wanted to suck on them and make her moan. 
He lead her to the bed and told her to sit. “Would you like to join us little one? We were just getting started, and I think we could all use a little extra fun.” 
“Yes, please”
“Why don’t you start by setting my slut here free. I think you should meet properly.” She bent down and starting undoing my restraints, and once she had finished she helped me sit up. Then she leaned in and kissed me deeply with no hesitation. She tasted sweet. Like strawberries when they are perfectly ripened. Her tongue coerced my lips apart and our tongues danced together like we had been doing it all of our lives. 
“That’s enough.” We stopped immediately, afraid we were in trouble, but judging by the size of His cock he was pleased with how well we had taken to each other. “Slut, why don’t you undress our new friend. Slowly.”
I helped her stand up, and went behind her. I ran my hands up her arms. Her skin was smooth as silk. When I got to her shoulders I gathered her thick, curly red hair and moved it aside so I could start unbuttoning her uniform. It was a more modest take on the French Maid. (Apparently, the hotel He had chosen for us was a little on the fancy side.) I slowly slipped the dress down her shoulders and arms and then let it fall to the floor. Next I ran my hands up her long tan legs. They ended at an ass that was even more amazing in the nude. I kissed one side while grabbing the other. I couldn’t resist. I made my way up to her black lace bra and unclasped it. Moving to the front I removed the bra completely before taking her perky tit into my mouth. Moaning as I did so. 
I had always fantasized about being with another woman, but this was almost too perfect. He must have read my thoughts because I was immediately told to stop, and stand next to her so he could see how we looked side by side. His cock was impressive now. It had been a while since I had seen him get this turned on. Was it me? Was I not good enough for him? Did I bore him? 
“Slut, spread your legs. I think our friend should be allowed to treat you as you just treated her.” She did that and more. Grabbing my ass as she suckled on my tits. Sliding her hand through my slit until she found my hole. She slid her slender finger in, then another. I let out a moan as my legs started to shake. It all felt too good. 
“Little One, why don’t you lay on the bed. I think my slut is dying to cum, but I am not ready to allow that yet. Slut, I want you to bury your face in her. I am going to give you a lesson how to eat a woman properly.” I did as I was told. Positioned myself between her legs and put my face right between her legs. I opened my mouth and let my tongue find her clit. “Good, now start circling.” I did slow at first without much response, but once I started moving faster her hips started to buck. She was screaming in pleasure and I was causing it. 
I could feel my own cunt twitch. I started lightly sucking on her clit while continuing to move my tongue then suddenly her hips lifted off the bed as she screamed. My face was covered. Our little friend squirted all over it. I was so proud of myself I didn’t even notice the big puddle forming under my body.

I felt him approach me from behind. He pulled onto my hips until I was bent over the bed and easily accessible and then he drove his hard cock deep inside me with one push. My eyes crossed and I moaned. He was driving himself into me hard. I could tell that this fucking was not intended to get me off, it was strictly for his release. Lucky for me, that usually got me too. I could feel the cum starting to build in his cock anticipating the release. I was getting close as well, my legs shaking as I screamed. Then just as my body convulsed He let out a roar and his warm cum spilled into me.

She came and grabbed me by the hand and led me to the head of the bed. There she held me close until we both fell asleep with Him watching over us. Smoking his cigarette and drinking a glass of whiskey. “Get some rest ladies. We have a whole weekend left, and I am already coming up with some new plans for it.” 


Post photo Originally published as Feather Duster and used with permission.

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  1. I kinda hope she isn't really the maid, as I think she'll get the sack for neglecting duties … but irrelevant details!! This is a hot scene. I like Master's arrogance – does he really know how to eat a woman better than a woman who's been on the other end of it?

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