30 Days of D/s: Introducing D/s to Your Vanilla Relationship

Well, good job to Loving BDSM for ruining a future blog post idea. I had planned on sharing the nearly, keyword nearly, comical story of how I told someone who I had just started dating I was into BDSM and identified as a submissive. Lucky for me, that man is now my husband and Dom. 

We had been dating for maybe a month, probably less when we went out drinking with some of his buddies. I ended up drinking a lot because they learned that while I am a lady, I can chug a beer faster than any man I have ever met. So random requests for challenges started happening and before I knew it I WAS DRUNK. Like, can’t remember how we got home drunk. 

Once we got home someone, probably me, started initiating sex. During this sex session, now this is stuff I don’t even remember, I started telling him what I liked and how much it turned me on. 

The next morning, I was greeted with a smile and was asked “Do you remember anything from last night?”. I knew something odd had happened, but I couldn’t remember.  Dom Venom then explained to me that I had given him a run down of my BDSM desires. Lucky for me he hadn’t disappeared during the night because he says I had spouted off some crazy stuff. 

Instead, he stuck around and said he was interested in maybe learning more and giving it a try. Nearly 3 years later we are still learning and trying new things.  What we do know is this relationship is the best one either of us has ever had and we are completely happy with our relationship. Even if we can’t be fully honest about it with others. 

-Lindsay Knott

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