30 Days of D/s: Limits

Our limits fall into a few categories. Do it/love it, Would like to do it, Won’t because we don’t have the knowledge to do it safely, Willing to try, and NOPE.

We are newbs, some things we can’t do safely because we don’t have the knowledge or proper equipment, but we know when the time comes we will be ready and willing.

Other things just don’t sound pleasant or sexy to either of us. Scat and vomit, no thank you. Mummification, does not illicit any kind of kinky reaction.

We have been very fortunate to be almost exact on our hard limits, and the other stuff while one is saying “yes please” the other is usually saying “sure I’ll try that”.  Then there are things that we both scream “FUCK YEAH” for.

The great thing is just like everything else limits change because people change. Something we are cold on now we may find hot in the future.

-Dom Venom and Lindsay Knott

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