30 Days of D/s: How Will You Communicate

You mean other than the CONSTANT texting, sexting, phone calls, outdoor chats while He vapes (it’s not allowed inside where it can really effect the kids), and up until Lindsay’s “narcolepsy” kicks in and she falls asleep?

We are constantly talking, and yes, we know talking and communicating are two different things. In those talks when we have something important to say it is said right then. Unless it is something better done in person because we all know tones and inflection are not read well in texting, then it is said during Lindsay’s nightly kneeling. The most important thing is that it is always said with respect. No matter who is saying it and who is receiving it.

-Lindsay Knott & Dom Venom

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Picture from Serenity NLP (yes I Googled an image 😉 )

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