30 Days of D/s: How will you handle conflict?

Oh, such a great question. I feel that Mr and myself have addressed this in a way. At the end of each night, I am supposed to get on my knees and undress him. After that I am supposed to tell him things that are on my mind, or stuff that is bothering me without reprocussions. A lot of times it is something to do with the kids that I don’t think he is going to take kindly to, but it can also be about us. I am lucky enough that he listens to my concerns, takes it into consideration, and usually finds a compromise we can both live with. Ultimately, he has the final say, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen to me. I think this is the reason our fights are few and far between. We have this time set aside where the topics that could cause a fight are discussed.

-Lindsay Knott

Conflicts are rare because of the way we handle things we both were in marriages that had huge communication problems. This is why we chose to do things this way. I feel if you just say what you need to say then you don’t create resentment later on down the road ,and yes things may be said that you don’t want to hear or agree with but they are said discussed and dealt with.We built our relationship on honesty and trust but you can only get that with communication. For me I’m Italian and from the east coast so we our emotions and opinions on our sleeves, but I have also slowly, really slowly, learned to tone it down and at the same time encouraged her to speak up more. I don’t care what opinions vanilla people may have  our D/s relationship is the strongest one I have ever had.

– Dom Venom

30 Days of  D/s is a prompt done by Loving BDSM (Kayla Lords and John Brownstone) you can get the subscription for yourself at Loving BDSM.

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