30 Days of D/s: How Do You Feel About Discipline and Punishment

I feel that even though they are separate things, they are tied together. Mr and I have agreed to guidelines of behaviors and habits that are appropriate, and when I fall out of those guidelines on rare occasion there is reprocussions. Usually nothing big, a conversation or a few spankings, and it’s over.

I have to say I am a good girl, and Mr is not too demanding. We don’t like to be too serious with our interactions, we have fun, we laugh, and we make silly jokes at the others expense as long as it isn’t “below the belt”. Because of this I would like to say, unless my memory is wrong, I have never done anything that really warranted extreme corporal punishment. Except ask for it because I like it, but that is a different story. Our biggest rule is that there is no visible markings to out us, we do have kiddos that we share custody with our ex-spouses and jobs after all.

I think whatever you and your partner have agreed to, is okay. Everyone is different. Every relationship is different. What works for us may not work for someone else.

-Lindsay Knott

I do have to say that I really have not had to punish for bad behavior or breaking of the rules . I have had to do punishments as reminders sometimes or just for fun. Our dynamic is just fun most of the time but there are rules in place. I also feel punishment and discipline are slightly different . I see discipline as more of a reminder of the rules and I see punishment as a reaction to purposeful breaking of the rules. Lucky for me …..and her she is really a good girl.

– Dom Venom

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