30 Days of D/s: What Titles and Labels Do You Prefer

This is something that has been a topic of discussion for us from the beginning. There are parts of our relationship that are very much Daddy/babygirl or Sir/pet, but we just don’t like the titles. We continued this conversation in depth throughout the day when we had the ability to and this is what we came up with. 
Here is what we know for sure He is a Dom and I am a sub. That has never been an issue. There is not a submissive bone in his body, and I am not cut out to be a Dominant. 
Daddy/babygirl just feels wrong to us. Probably because we actually have a baby who will very soon be calling her dad “Daddy”, and we both tend to call her forms of “baby”. So that is out for us. 
Sir/pet might be a better fit, but Sir just feels to formal for him, and I’m not completely a pet. 
We are far from being a Master/slave. Even though in the beginning before what we know now that is what we used. After gaining some knowledge we realized that maybe that title set isn’t for us, but that doesn’t change the fact that I LOVE being called his slave during our play time. Having him say something like “Who’s my dirty slave?” makes me all kinds of wet. I know one of the biggest things is making this lifestyle your own. Everyone does it different, and it may end up that we revert back to that. 
For now, I am calling him Mr. because that is what he is to me, and it is very public friendly. As for my title, well, we are still working on what to call me. If anyone has any off the wall suggestions we are open to hearing them. 

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