30 Days of D/s: What Dominance Means to Me

I recently found the 30 Days of D/s on Kayla Lords blog. I love doing things that makes Dom Venom and myself discuss and look at our relationship. So because he is so accommodating he agreed. We will be doing the challenge and sharing the responses that we feel aren’t too personal.

Day one: What Dominance Means to Me.

Dominance is a wonderful thing to me. Feeling my Dom’s power over me isn’t about the spankings and bondage, that is just a fun and kinky byproduct. It’s about him keeping me sane.

As far as the rest of the world knows I am a strong independent woman who doesn’t take anyone’s shit. I dominate everything I do with our kids, my siblings, and at my work. I don’t back down, and it tires me. I don’t always like being the strong woman. I need someone backing me up, making the tough decisions, and holding me when the day has been too hard. 
I also have no self control. I love my sweets and Pepsi and I hate the side effect of that. So He tells me if I can or can’t have something that sounds delicious. He restricts my soda intake. Not to be mean, but so that I can accomplish my weight loss goals. He saw that i was needing a place to be open about our relationship, and he had me start this blog and a twitter. He has given me instructions to use it often until I get in the habit. 
All of his “rules” are designed to help me feel better about myself or feel more submissive during times when we have to be “vanilla”.  I am grateful for his stregnth and ability to take charge. 
What it means to be dominant from the big D side of things. For me being dominant is  not only a lifestyle but it is part of who I am at the core. I have always been a leader and liked to enforce rules . I am also a sadist so along with enforcing rules I take pleasure inflicting pain. If I look back this is who I have been my whole life its always been this way, but until we started living this lifestyle 24/7 I never really knew that. I feel as a Dom its my job to help my submissive complete tasks and goals daily and in the long term . It is my job to keep her on track and to be as supportive as possible but I am also there to punish her if she gets off her path, and every so often to remind her with “funishments” who is in control and where she stands as a submissive.
-Dom Venom

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