Hotel Room Ramblings

Sitting in a hotel room all by yourself is never all that it is cracked up to be. Especially when its it’s one that is nice enough that you won’t hate your employer for putting you there, but not nice enough to have things like a ways to stream to the TV. Not that any of that matters. I am stuck in this room without my Mr. who is 300 miles away. All I want to do is kneel in front of him. Take his cock into my mouth. Then proceed to service him until he pulls my face away. I want to be bent over and spanked until my ass looks like a tomato. I want to be gagged then forced to cum until I cry. I want to be reminded that I chose to submit to this man and by doing so I have given him the authority to treat my body, mind, and soul the way he deems fit. Sometimes that means holding me close and kissing my forehead. Other times, the kind of time that I am craving now, I am his fuck toy. My holes get filled. My ass gets smacked and whipped. My hair is pulled. My tits are twisted, bit, and slapped. My face is slapped. And after it is all done I beg for more and start to fantasize about what will happen the next time. Because my sick and twisted self loves it all.

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