The Struggles With Getting Back to “Normal”

The Mr. and i have had a whirlwind of a year. W/we got married (YAY), moved in with the parents (BOO) so W/we can save to buy a house, and the biggest is W/we had a baby (MAJOR YAY). The baby portion really killed U/us on the D/s part of our lives. During the pregnancy i WAS NOT having any of it. The whole idea was a turn off. W/we knew it was my hormones putting me off so W/we waited it out. Then before W/we could really reconnect and get back on track W/we moved in with my parents, who have no idea that W/we have this kind of dynamic in our relationship. So W/we are having to find ways to be our truest selves, while not spilling the beans to my parents, and of course our kiddos. It is ROUGH. W/we are trying to figure out what i can do to feel submissive, how He can show his dominance, and how He can dish out some punishment when i am not behaving (or i am behaving, but want to feel that sting 😉 ). Wish U/us luck. W/we are definitely going to need all that W/we can get in our current living situation.

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