Coming Home from a “Vanilla” Weekend

This past weekend Master, the kids, and i went to my grandparents to visit my extended family and have a little vacation. The hard part was none of my family knows about our choice to lead a BDSM lifestyle. Nor do I want them to due to their strict religious beliefs. So we couldn’t act like Master and slave in any obvious ways. Which made for long weekend. By the time we got home we were both so ready for the ability to be ourselves it was nearly painful. I loved coming home and instantly feeling like Master T’s slave again. He really didn’t have to do anything to make me feel that way. The second I was in the door it was like our little sanctuary and we knew the roles we play and we just picked it up without missing a beat. The only downside is since the kids were all home up until we started our work week again Master hasn’t had the chance to punish me for the wrong doings that were made before we left, we were both working opposite shifts until then, and while we were gone. And while they were minor I feel I am not worthy of the love and affection he gives me until the penance is paid. Lucky for me he doesn’t agree and he continues to love me anyway. I really did find a loving and caring Master who is willing to be lenient at times like this.

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