Being a slave and what i like about it

Master T has requested that i write about what being a slave means to me and what i like about it. To me, being a slave isn’t just about making sure my Master is satisfied sexually. i like to make sure his life is easier. whether it’s a small task like making his coffee for him, helping him make a more eye catching resume, running an errand that he doesn’t want to do, or just simply making sure his house is clean. i like that i have this alternative method to show him how much i care. Another reason i like being a slave is at work i am the boss, in my social circles i am the one they all go to for guidance and direction, and at home i am the mommy who is in charge of making sure my children are taken care of. It’s nice to put all that away and have my Master make the decisions. I view our relationship as something similar to a 50’s marriage. He is the Master of the house, and i am here to support him in his responsibilities.

-slave j

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